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    Galaxy Placement

    I have a rather large galaxy coral in my 25g... and its tentacles are pushing everything away, leaving a big empty space all around it. Is there anything I can place beside it, that it wont sting, and wont sting my Zoo's or mushrooms?

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    hmm IME no, Galaxy's are agressive and pack a nasty punch.

    I don't know of anything that you can place near it that will be unaffected (without possibly injuring the galaxy)
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    Yeah! you can place ROCK beside it- galaxy stings everything!

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    Thats what I thought.
    Thanks guys.

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    Man we're in the same boat, i stupidly ordered "green crystal coral" one day when were doing an order at work. I didn't research it...because i'm an idiot, and now i have this huge galaxy coral that's impossible to place in my 20 gallon.

    What i did was put it in the top right corner, and right beside him is something of a wall that i made with another peice of rock, that keeps it's stingers inside the right hand corner of the tank.

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    ya... right now I have mine on a lump in the rock, so its raised above everything else, but its stingers still reach my mushroom occasionally

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