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    Bring a Cup, Take a Cup

    I have an idea and would like to know what everyone thinks about it.

    I will setup an aquarium with live sand for Aquaria Canada members only. *If you would like to swap a few cups of live sand to bring a little more diversity to your existing setup, you'll be able to do it from this Aquarium. *Bring a few cups.... take a few cups. *Whatcha think?


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    Re: Bring a Cup, Take a Cup

    I think that's great idea. the more diversity the better. Only thing is that we have to trust that all participant's tanks in this are in good order, or we could just be spreading some bad shit around to healthy tanks.

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    Re: Bring a Cup, Take a Cup

    I think that if you used a big enough tank or swapping, you'd be OK.  Good filtration etc. If I lived closer I'd contribute for sure.  Good Luck
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