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    Cherub Angels - Any experts out there?

    i presently have one cherub angel in my 50 gal setup. i'm upgrading to an 90 gallon setup with sump and above tank refuguim and have a few questions regarding keeping multiple cherubs.

    1. has anyone had any experiences keeping two or more cherubs? good or bad.
    2. how do you tell male from female.
    3. what do you recommend for tank size to keep two cherubs
    4. are there any good web pages relating to cherub angels ((i've done the basic web search and haven't come up with much) or pygme angels in general.


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    Ask Flame Angel. I think she recently posted some pics of a mated pair of these little cuties in someone's tank. maybe she can hook you up with this person.

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    thanks toutouche,

    that was actually from our last meeting, Dalhousie University has coral propagation and tropical fish breeding as part of their biology department, and that's where the pics were from. i've actually found a few web pages, and got some info from RC.


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