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Thread: Coral bleaching

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    Coral bleaching

    I got a small frag of tang man's pink birds nest at the last maso meeting. It now apears to be bleaching from one side. Here are the initial pics of when I put it in my tank and todays pic (about 3 days later). Could anyone please advise. Although the frag did not cost much, I would love to save it.

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    that frag is done, it might be because you put it right in a patch of vavolina algea, [green bubbles] that algea is also a sign of nutrient problems. you could try to cut the end off and glue it somewere else but,,

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    what are your water params?
    specifically CA, ALK, pH, temp, and NITRATE?

    Also, for some reason, and in my experience, I've noticed that Pink birds nest is very sensitive to bubble algae...

    I'd move that frag...
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    Ca: stable at 370 ppm
    Alk: stable at 8.0 dKH
    PH: 8.2 during the day and 8.0 at night
    Nitrates: 15 ppm (a bit high, will do 10g water change)
    Temp: 80F

    So you guys think the bubbles did it? It feels like I have been battling those bubbles for ever.

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    What else do you have in the tank? Anything that needs to be fed? If not I'd say cut back on feeding and let your emeralds go to town on the bubble algae. They might not be eating it because they can find food in other places. I know they don't go for the bigger bubbles either so you might have to manually remove the bigger bubbles. Not sure if it's the bubbles that caused your sps to bleach though. How did you acclimate it?

    Good luck


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    I am having one, and it started bleaching because of my light, i moved it then and he is much better now

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    Mine is bleaching too.
    I have it under 250MH, top of the rockwork, bulb 2ft above water level (I have only 30g tank).
    Amonia - 0
    NO2 - 0
    NO3 - 15
    pH - 8.2
    Temp - 77.3 to 78.5

    That's all can test for now.

    What do you think?

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    Mines fully extended... I dripped about 3.5 hours before adding it to the tank.

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    mines doing well and from what I've learned BIRDSNEST isn't as hilighting loving as other acros. mine is off to the back almost in the shadow of the MH lighting [almost]

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    I think yesterday's WC has helped a bit. The coral looks a bit better this morning. Hopefully it will turn around and grow. I did aclimate it for about 2 hours so I don't think that is the problem. I guess my problem was a combination of nitrates and bubble algea. I have enough water for another 10g WC so 5g tonight and another 5 tomorow and nitrates should be taken care of. The bubbles are a total different story. As for the light, the frag is half way up in a 24inch high tank and the 250w MH is about 18inche from the water.

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