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    Coraline and lighting

    For those of you who are just starting off like me, I upgraded from NO to PC (24", 2x55W 10K + actinic) last week and I now have red and green coraline growing all over the tank. Before the upgrade, I could see no coraline growth at all - only had a few spots on live rock purchased from BA (I know, not the best source for LR but didn't know any better at the time). Had the LR in my tank for over 4 months with no noticeable growth. Now it looks like its out of control - I see new spots every day.

    I wasn't planning on getting corals but are there any that would be OK under PC lighting (3 watts/gallon)?



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    Softies do well under PC lighting. Mushrooms, leathers, Xenias and zoos are your best bet.

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