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    Unhappy 500g COMING DOWN

    Its with great sadness that I have to tear down my reeftank that I worked so hard for. due to large increases in ONTARIO hydro and heating this winter plus my wife will be on MAT leave for 1 year I can no longer justify the hydro costs. we are starting to see bills in the amount of $480 bimonthly!! I'll be switching over to FO with fluorecent lighting and a small reef tank. look for some great deals on corals, liverock and gear in the classifieds.theres just to much to list at once so pm me if you want to stop by and pick something up. some corals have to be sold on the rocks as big ticket items because there encrusted.

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    Very sorry to hear that your beautiful tank is comming down but its understandable.

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    This is sad news....
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    That's really sad news Johnny. I know how hard you worked on your tank, and how much it meant to you. Costs for running such a behemoth must truly be staggering. I'd like to get the chance to come over before you tear it down so I can see how it all turned out, It's been a while since I saw the 500g, and I'd like to see how far it progressed before the vultures fly in. Let me know when would be a good time. Got a used calcium reactor you want to sell?

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    Sorry to ear that I know like all of us you put lots of work and "love" in your tank and I can only imagine..... Well you know

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    Hey Johnny. I understand the financial concern, but, have you considered keeping the 500 FO, or FOWLR? Your electric bill will drop (less pumping and much less light). This way you don't have to lose the tank itself.

    If you have made up your mind then ignore my suggestions and accept my condolences.
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    Sorry to hear that Johnny. Understandable I agree. I'd also love to come by and have a look at the tank if only for 5 - 10 minutes just to see how it turned out.

    Best of luck with everything


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    With all the outpouring of good wishes to Johnny about his tank, we are missing the BIG picture here!!!

    Congratulations on being a "father to be" Johnny. Boy, if you thought keeping a 500 gallon reef was expensive, having a kid ought to knock some sense into you. Way to go Dad!! When are you expecting?

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    So sorry to hear about this Johnny...
    I'm so happy that I got to see it last week in all it's glory.
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    WOW johnny... this is bad news!!!! I can understnd your hydro costs... ours has also been climbing.

    Even though your getting rid of your reef and going to FO... doesn't mean your not going to have an awesome looking setup. Have you thought of T5 lighting instead of NO? I don't think there is much of a difference in hydro costs and you get a ton more light from them.


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