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Thread: id please?

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    id please?

    I dont have a photo as these are just to small for my camera to pic up on.

    I have noticed orange tubes growing on some of my rocks even the glass and snails shells?

    I just completed a water change and noticed that all of them have excreted a long clear string like substance?

    anyone know what these are?

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    they are just worms. They are good and they are just filter feeders. If you look closely you will probably see almost like a spider web coming from the tip of the tube. They use this to catch their food. when it is full, they bring it in and voila, they have a meal

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    If they look like this

    they're Vermatid snails. I have some in my tank and that clear string is what they use to capture floating food in the tank. You'll see they send it out and pull it back in all the time. I have some on my rock and some on some of my astrea snails. They can be manually picked off if you want. One of my astreas had a rather large one on it so I picked it off with the help of a stainless steel blade. Not that it was hurting the astrea ... it just looked like it could become a pain in the butt for it ohh and btw the astrea is doing fine.

    As far as I can tell they are harmless.


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    they are worms
    I have millions in my tank
    they get sharp so watch when you grab your liverock
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    Pics -->

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    You said it Bram. I grabbed on to a piece of live rock when I was changing from a 50 to a 75 and one of them stuck in my hand. That being said when I tightened my fist a little bit blood squirt out a bit. Pretty crazy. I thought I read somewhere that they can be a pain in the ass for corals extending and stuff like that.
    Mike Philpott

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    If they are very, very thin tubes, almost needle-like, then they are just tiny featherdusters that will stay small. Leave them be as they are pretty and beneficial as part of your whole natural biofilter system in the tank.
    However, if they are somewhat thicker and as you mentioned, they excrete a weblike substance, then they are indeed Vermittiid snails and will continue to proliferate. They are a nuisance and if left unchecked will eventually make the tank look ugly and they will start to cover many of your corals all the time with the web. I have seen growth slow down and corals get disfigured or stunted/misshaped because of suffocation by the web. If I were you, I would get proactive towards them. Unfortunately, there is nothing reef safe that will eat these buggers. You have to go in there, and smash each tube individually to kill the snail inside. pointy/sharp branch shears or needle nose pliers work best for this.
    Trust me, you don't want to just leave them flourish.

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