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    Ozone is it worth it in a reef tank

    like the title says! what are the advantages, and disadvantages??? And what is the best brand to go with????

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    YES! I have yet to see the disadvantages.
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    The advantage of ozone is it's highly reactive. It puts your skimmer into over-drive and basically burns crap out of the water. I'm being literal on the burn.

    O3 is oxidant and not a terribly stable one, making it way more effective.

    It removes colour, odor, kills bacteria, renders virii ineffective and / or kills them, breaks down heavy metals including orangically bound heavy metals, and it will greatly reduce iron and manganese in the water.

    The down side to ozone is it's a highly reactive, not too stable oxidant that will pretty much litterally burn crap out of your water.

    Using it is a bit of a balancing act. Too much can strip out your trace minerals, kill all the bacteria in your system (crash your bio filter) and on the farthest end crash your tank. Too much in the room can cause you problems too.

    But those are all at the far end of the scale. Used correctly it's just all around awesome.

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