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    Re: aquarium horror tales !!

    wow mark... no one has any stories to tell...

    the only real bad one I've heard was the Oakville Reef Galery show tank poisoning... It wasn't an accident though... more like human stupidity IMO.  They lost everything in that tank.  :'(


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    Re: aquarium horror tales !!

     The only real bad one I know of is these 2 guys in OVAS that had a real nice 180 with Africans and about 300 lbs of rock. This tank was in their diningroom on a nice custom wood stand. The tank fractured for whatever reason and
    about 2/3 of it dumped and went down the registers.
     Needless to sat it was very hard on the hardwood flooring.
    Why it broke , I don't know. The tank was turned in to a nice
    terrarium with minimal water.
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    Re: aquarium horror tales !!

    The Oakville Reef Gallery incident was no accident or human stupidity.  It was a malicious act by some cruel jack#$$.  I read the report on the incident at work (police) and the water was contaminated by copper, among other toxic poisons, in such large amounts, it could not ever be ruled as human mistake.  Information has since come to light, and there are suspects.  It's still be investigated and I personally hope the loser who would do such an act to living animals is caught.  The tank is up and running again, and as of today there are literally hundreds of corals in the tanks.  Just to let ya all know, there are viscious people out there....very few luckily.
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