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    Tech In Your Tank!

    Just wondering what people have out there for technology for the tanks?

    Webcams, aquacontrolers with the html server, stuff like that!

    Lets see some links!

    My webcam can be found here

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    The only piece of tech in my tank is a WaveMaster Pro.
    No aquacontroller, no webcam......well, not yet!

    And tangman's auto-top system, although I'm still working on the installation.
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    Well I have a web cam on the nano (doesnt seem to work at the moment Chris is at work...loll) we have an aquacontroller and some home made waveboxes/lighting timers. Pretty much everything is automated, just have to turn a nob to do waterchanges as well. I also have a photo gallery on my personnal web page and I keep a diary online of my
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    The only things I have are a wavemaster pro and a digi therm I got from Ivan. Nothing to advanced. Looking into an auto top up though. Anyone now where I could get a "plug and play" system.?

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    reefkeeper and a tunze wavebox.
    125G in wall
    2 x 250 hqi
    4 x 4' actinics
    tunze wavemaker & 6060
    2 x 1200 maxi's
    quiet one 3000

    ...just started of course

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    Hehehe.... let's see...

    I have the Aquacontroller2 monitoring my tank, connected to a laptop running Aquanotes. I can login anytime anywhere and check the status of the tank. It will also send me a txt message to my phone if something goes out of my preset ranges.

    I have a Webcam looking through my tank from one end to the next...

    Just about everything is automated, except for waterchanges... (I'm working on that one too )

    Should I count the automatic feeder too? I use that when on vacations as well as having a buddy check on the tank and feed frozen food...

    I saw someone mention tunze's and waveboxes, so I guess my closed loop with 3 Reefrat rotating returns deserves some mention too...

    oH! My sump return pump is on a UPS with 2 deep cycle batteries that will easily give me 18-20hours worth of runtime during a power outage. My cable modem and router are also on a UPS so that my laptop (which switches to battery during power out) can send me a power outage txt message to my phone.

    I'm working on an automatic cleaning/flush system for my skimmer too... similar to what RK2 and Deltec skimmers have...

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    I think all my gizmos are in my signiature but here we go.

    Aquacontroller basically the same setup as TMM.
    I have a seperate Millwauki controller for my Co2/Calcium Reactor.
    Reef Rats and Sea swirls for wave action.

    Automatic top off and water changes.
    Battery back up air pumps 1 in my reef the other in my Fuge.
    A seperate pump for increased pressure to my R/O.

    And more its easier to read my signiature.


    Before you buy anything......Read and Research .

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