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    Hi All,

    Just wondering how everyone adds kalkwasser to their tank... I know you should do it with a drip but i have no sump/refug to attach a drip to and not sure i can fit one in or above my canopy... Can anyone suggest how much I could add to the tank directly nightly or have any other methods ??


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    No Kalk for me. I just use bio calcium. 3 scoops, 2 times a week on my 55 gal. I don't know if this is a more expensive route or not, but it is definaltely convenient.

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    Thats all i been using myself.Bio calcium,1 scoop every 2nd day.
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    you can buy a KENT drip jug. I've seen them and they come in 2,1/2g and 5g I believe? I just bought an IV drip from the drug store,popped a hole in a rubbermaid container, inserted a small bulkhead[you can buy a thread one from HD] and added my kalk to this. I used airhose to run to my sump. You have no sump so you'd have to build a shelf above the tank.[gravity] Try BIGALS for the KENT thing.

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    You can always get it here from Ivan too:

    Available in 1400ml, 2.5 Gallon, and 5 Gallon sizes.

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    i use the Kent Doser to for my Calcium Hydroxide (btw, it is the cheapest of all methods). the smaller size can be hung on the wall by a long screw above the tank. The bigger ones would be heavier and would need a shelf. the only downside is that being that it is gravity based, any settlement will stay on the bottom and eventually get into your tank. so i first mix it in a separate (and obviously bigger) bucket and then after it settles, i pour the clear liquid in. this also mean you will have to refil it pretty much daily. the small size (mine) i believe hold 1400mL.
    Hope this helps.
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