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    New tank shopping

    Hi everyone, looking for some opinions on a new tank. I found a great looking tank that really fits my bill. It is a 70 gallon Oceanic tank. I believe the measurements are 36.5 x 18.5 x 25. It has nice rounded trim with an overflow kit. I do think it will be a tank I could live with for quite sometime. A little concerned though, I run one 250 watt Hamilton 14K SE. How do you think it will do on such a deep tank?

    Many thanks

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    I don't think the depth will ba a problem for a 250w MH. When the couple of inches of sand come into play, you end up with less than 2 feet. I also use 250w on my 24" deep tank. That said, you might still want to put 2 bulbs because the tank is 3 feet long.

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    Thanks for the reply!
    I was viewing it again today, we put a deposit on it, very attractive tank!
    I think you are right, may have to run 2 bulbs still!
    Sure looking forward to it!

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    It could be better for size of that tank to run one 250MH and 4 or 6 of T5 fluorescents. That way you can control your lightning much better (down/dusk effect and actinic). Someone with similar setup can chime in.
    I have 2x250MH over 120G and I am adding 4 T5 because I miss that “actinic only” look of my tank at the end of the day
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    If 25.5 is the depth (water surface to bottom) I think your going to be wanting / needing another 250 MH to light it nicely. MH bulb is good for a 2x2 for surface area so 1 is shy and to is a little over. better to be a little over then a little shy IMO.

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