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    temp. controller

    anyone use or heard of this controller?

    they are pretty cheap so i'm not sure how well it;ll work but for that price it;s worth a shot, what do u guys think?

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    I've never had anything go wrong with the thermostat in my Ebo Jager and they're good to 1/2 a degree, so I think this is a redundant purchase!

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    Few things to worry about:
    1. can be used with "appropriate" heating device.
    2. does it control one or more devices (not independently).
    3. the ad doesn't show connection type (between the controller and heater).

    Personaly, I use Jumo iTron 16 temp. controller, typicaly used for high precission controlling.
    Here's the online manual for it:

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    i have a 100w stealth heater, the black plastic ones. and i just got the 150w theo when it started getting cold and they aren't accurate at all. i have them both set at 74 degrees and my tank is at 82.

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