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Thread: ? mantis shrimp

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    ? mantis shrimp

    As some of you know I have been having trouble keeping cleaner shrimp. 5 dead and they seem to look cut in half when found. I have now kept two in the sump for an extended period of time and NO problems. I am wondering about the possibility of a Mantis shrimp in my rock work. I have not heard the "snapping" noise that they are supposed to make but I have seen some new holes in the base rock of my aquarium. What do you think? What are the best ways to try to see if they are there and to trap them? Suggestions?



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    Hey Ray,
    if you got one you shoudl hear the snapping try spying at night with a flashlight. They usually are more nocturnal. If you do end up with one and catch it and need a good home for it im interested...the wife wont be too happy tho

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    Not all Mantis are crushers that make the noise. Some of them are "Spearer" types.
    Are you able to take the pieces of rock out that you Think it might be in? If so, try pouring soda water ( carbonated water) in the holes and this usually makes them come running out. Protect your hands though and try to place the rock in a big bowl or bucket when doing this. Handle the rock as little as possible with your hands if you suspect a Mantis to be hiding in it.

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    It may not be a mantis shrimp, it could always be another fish or invert in your tank. Just about any type of trigger will go for shrimp. What kind of fish/inverts do you have?

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    I havent seen one so far...but will contine looking. Any good metods to entice into the open or catch it? ...other than putting more cleaner shrimp in ?

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