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    Re: whats a skilter??

    A skilter has Protein skimming, biological filtration, and Mechanical filtration all in one unit.  They make great nano tank filters. Here is a pic

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    Re: whats a skilter??


    Having owned a skilter (bought at OVAS auction 5 years ago) I can tell you that as a skimmer they are not very good. In order to make it work I had to add an airpump and airstone, otherwise it was loud and not effective at all. The one I had was the large version. It does however make a good place to put carbon and on my 45 gal it turned into a good refugium with lots of pods and feather dusters. I would be still using today except that it developed a crack and started leaking about 1 month ago. I am now looking at replacing it with one of Ivan's hang on refugiums he is advertising.


    PS the creatures I bought from you last week are still doing fine

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