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    Exclamation Advice on Feeding


    So I'm looking for some advice on the how many times do you feed your fish... Right now I have 2 Clown, 5 Chromis and 1 Yellow Tang, and I feed two times a day(frozen Phytoplankton, Spirulina, Garlic Xtreme, Cyclop-Eeze(freeze-dried and flake), Sea Veggies).

    So what is the best amout of time to feed... two times a day, 1 times a day, 1 times each two days...

    I need your help... To be sure I'm OK with my feeding as I have heard people feed there fish at each two and some at each three days.

    Thank you,
    Martin Langlois

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    Depends on how fat you like your fish.

    I would say twice a day is fine although fat fish can be funny.

    The move varied the diet the better. I feed my guys two heaping pinches of OSI Marine Flake twice daily and once in a blue moon a sheet or Nori, usually handfed.

    I feed my corals once a month and the fish eat plenty of seafood mash then. But mostly they just get the flake.

    I have a vlamingi tang, percula clown, royal gramma, three Chromis, A bicolor blenny, and a lawnmower blenny. The lawnmower doesn't touch the flake and eats my rocks constantly.

    A lot feed more, a lot feed less but I think the key is to give em variety. My fish eat like pigs and seem to enjoy it so what the hey, let em get fat.
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    in reality most fish are constantly grazing.. i recommend small meals many times a day... like humans to stay fit

    with what u have, i recommend what mickyfin says and feed them nori, which u can get at groceries and asian markets... its basically sheets of seaweed in case u wondered; for sushi.

    tie it to a piece of rock, and hang it there... they can peck at it all day

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    I feed my tank twice a day, but I use my palm pilot to track the rotations lol

    Day 1 - Flakes (Green 40 and Cyclopse-ese) am, freeze dried cyclopse-ese pm.
    Day 2 - Blender mash, Cyclopse-ese flake and Selcon am, Golden Pearls pm.
    Day 3 - Flakes (Green 40 and Cyclopse-ese) am, phyto PM.
    Day 4 - Frozen marine plankton, Cyclopse-ese flake + Selcon am, nothing PM

    Every day I hand feed the copper banded butterfly frozen mysis and put out a 1/4 sheet of Nori for my tangs.
    Every 3rd day I feed rotifiers.
    Once a week I feed baby brine shrimp.

    The fish could (mostly) care less about the evening feedings, they're more for the coral, but they will occasional snag somethign out of the water column.

    I wouldn't say my fish are fat, but they've definately got some meat on their bones.

    In the tank I've got:
    1 Hippo tang
    1 Yellow tang
    1 Copper banded butterfly
    2 PJ Cardinals
    1 Lawnmower blenny
    1 Ocellaris (looking for a second clown fish).

    I also have a healthy collection of pods and live mysis hanging out for fish to chase around & eat.

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