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    Moon light choices...

    Ok I've been looking on ebay for some moon lights for my new tank set up (one I get them I prois to take pics of my whole tank finally) but was wondering what everyone thought between these next 2 choices...


    and why... thanks

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    I use a CoraLife moon-light. It's a single 1watt blue led. It came with mounting bracket that's flexiable and it's own power supply.
    I picked it up at Big Al's and if I remember correctly, it was around 40-50 dollars. Not cheap, but that's Big Al's.
    By using 1 light, it shines thru the tank but still provides darkness near the top and bottom corners so the true 'night' creature can have some time too!
    I'd post a picture but my camera just sucks.
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    I think both systems are over-kill. I have 2 1W LEDs over my 90G tank and it's working well for me. Unless you have a monster tank, I can't imaging needing more than a couple LEDs.

    Too much light at night is defeating the purpose.

    There is nothing so permanent as a temporary measure.

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    I thought it might bea litte much... Anyone have any suggestions ? I have to rule out the coralife ones or that would have been my first option as I want to attach the moon lights to my existing hood.

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    If your into working with your hands, you could always build your own. There are afew DIY plans out there for this type of project.

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    I debated doing a DIY monlight set up but with all the DIY I just completed setting up my 95 gal tank I think I'm all DIY'd out Plus I'm too anxious to get the moonlights on the tank

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    I have 4 LEDS in my light fixture and they are sweet.
    coolest thing to see a lion fish gracefully swim through the light
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