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    Am I a bad crab?

    I found this guy in my blue millipora colony. I've got bandit Acro crabs. This guy is definately not one. It's not a gorilla crab either.

    He was picking at the coral, although dunno if he was actually munching on it... For now I've banished him to the rock intended for my fish-only tank... He's no bigger than my pinkie nail.
    Is he a bad guy? Judging by his claws, I'm inclined to say he is...

    and the underside:
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    Looks bad to me.

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    He looks ALOT like a box crab to me. Not exatly like one but similar enough to be sure hes up to no good. Deffinatly gt rid of him.

    I finnaly killed my last one a few weeks ago, he was eating zoos, even smaller than yours, yet destructive...:gun3:

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    looks liek a box crab... don't be so hast to judge guys, these crabs aren't bad...

    infact, keep in FO, then when it gets big.. eat it

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    I've seen that exact crab on one acro hungrily munching away on the acro flesh. On others being a good boy.

    If he munches get rid of him.
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    Don't know if he's a good crab... sure is an ugly one though!!!

    wow spell check passed me lol
    Can we fit one more tank? :P
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    yup I'm a bad crab...a bad acro crab. They do eat acro flesh and should be removed.

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    I never met a crab yet I couldn't dislike.
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    I dunno Micky, I find most crabs are great with a nice garlic & butter sauce. The garlic really stimulates my appetite too, cuz you know I'm normally a shy & finicky eater.

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    From Vinces photos, I'm wondering what glaze he has on the little beggar. I'm guessing a Pineapple glaze.

    How did it turn out? So small must be tender but not very filling.
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