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    Clam in a 40g wide?

    I was wondering what you guys (and ladies) thought of having a clam in a 40g. I've got a 40g (36l x 18w x 15h) with 2"SSB and 4 T5HO's, but may add another yet if needed. What type of clams could do good in my setup? I've been doing some reading but I'm totally noob when it comes to clams (I have LPS, SPS, and softies atm) and could use any help and advice before I go buying anything.

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    that depends... i've seen people keep clam successfully in a nano, obviously its a small one...

    i would say u shouldn't have too much problems if ur doing good with SPS corals

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    haha no problem at all to keep a clam in a 40 gal, if the tank is suitable for sps growth then it will do great
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    First of all...Thanks for doing your homework first Crypto.

    Croceas are the most demading of light and they are easy to find right now. If you buy one, keep it up high in the rockwork for maximum light. If the mantle starts to darken, or you do not see a consistent white growth margin around the shell, then upgrade the lights.

    Maximas are easy to find and they are a little less demanding on light.

    I would suggest you do not buy any clam that is less than 3". Small clams need to be fed. Large ones can live off of the light and dissolved organics in most tanks. They will actually improve water quality.

    The less colorful, (and hard to find) clams demand less light. These are the Derasa and the Squamosa. The Squamosa is the toughest of the bunch.

    Here is a website dedicated to clams in the U.S.. You can't import them, but the guy that runs the business is the most experienced clam guy in North America. The forum may also be useful.

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    Thanks for the info. Time to do some more reading.

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