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    bubble coral placement

    Looking for some info on best placement light/flow for a bubble coral. Lighting is VHO/T5 combo.

    75g 17" to top of sandbed

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    close to top, preferably left side (just kidding... right side is fine too)

    right side up... not in direct current, and down stream from current (long stinger tenticles)

    alternatively... in a plastic bag with water and insulating container... packaged and mail to me... i'll find a good place to put it

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    that coral usually likes being on the sand bed, maybe a few rock pieces close by to break up the flow. it likes very low flow [enough to move its bubbles gently]. it also likes medium light so your okay. it LOVES to be fed!! small pieces of silver side or mysis or shrimp. I fed once monthly.

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