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    so when I add the rock ...

    is everything going to die?? I really hope not. :blush:
    Do just keep testing the ammonia and make sure it's not going up ? If it does..water changes?

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    what and the what?

    is the live rock cured? if it is u shouldn't have any problems... and if the tank is extablished, a little amonia will be gone in a jif

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    Well that all depends on how much rock you are adding. ex: you already have 100lbs in the tank and add another 100lbs, then this can possibly go wrong. If you add 15-20lbs to 100lbs than it is ok. Try to clean the cured rock with a tooth brush under salt water before adding the rock, lots of junk will come off that you dont really want in your tank.
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    If you add cured rock -- and it has been kept warm and moist (preferably in water), for as short a period as possible -- there should be next to zero adverse affects.

    The longer it is out of water, the more potential there is for die off. Die off leads to Ammonia, which leads to Nitrite. The only possitive from die off is it kicks the beneficial bacteria into action. But, you don't want die off in a running tank. If you get die off on the rock and that leads to an Ammonia spike, yeah, more stuff will likely die.

    Try to place the cured live rock on top of the base rock you already have.

    Keep an eye on Ammonia and Nitrite and be prepared for water changes (always a good plan regardless of your tank age), but, don't expect any major issues.


    If you can't get cured live rock, buy non-cure live rock and cure it yourself outside your tank. A bucket or set of buckets with a heater and some water movement will suffice. Expect it to be there for a few weeks. When the Ammonia and Nitrate are gone, you can move it to the display tank.
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