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Thread: Water Changes?

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    Water Changes?

    I change 30 gallons of water twice a month on my 90 gallon. Is this to excessive, and should I cut down either the frequency and or amount of the water change? Am I just wasting salt?

    What is everyone else doing?


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    Well you probably have better water quality than any of us. If time allows it and salt prices aren't an issue than why not. But on the other hand if you do this, you can't get lazy and not change the water for 1-2 months.
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    Is there a reason that you change so much water in your system? High nitrates?
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    I am no expert, however, I would have to say you are changing more than 2 times the amount that you need to. The generally accepted amount to change each month is between 15% - 30%. I am not sure if you are doing any harm by changing this much, some might argue that you are saving money by eliminating the need to add supplements. I change 20 gallons on the first day of each month on my 110 that has a total system water of less than 80 gallons with rock displacement. I find it easier to remember and be somewhat consistent.

    If you go to there is an article in the October edition of Reefkeeping Magazine by one of their resident experts that will walk you through a series of complicated algorithms that very few of us (myself included) could ever comprehend. The bottom line is that a single water change of 30% was marginally better than a series of water changes throughout the month that are equal to 30%. In his example a 30% water change was still not enough to maintain Calsium and Alkalinity at peak levels. The author uses a 100 gallon tank in his examples and makes no reference to stocking levels or coral types.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tang_man_montreal
    Is there a reason that you change so much water in your system? High nitrates?
    Nitrates are undetectable. I did however have a severe outbreak of slime and nuissance algae about 8 months ago and switched to this regime. It curred the problem and I stuck with it. But now I'm contemplating cutting back a little.

    Since then I made my own Beckitt skimmer (better than what I had before), and cut the amount of food entering the tank.

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    Interesting read, thanks.

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