Here is the IMAC newsletter you signed up for. IMAC 2006 will be on April 28, 29 and 30, 2006 in Chicago. Our Speakers List is nearly complete and includes:

Jake Adams

Eric Borneman

Anthony Calfo

Tullio Dell Aquilla

Dr. Sanjay Joshi

John Kelly

Allen LaPointe

Martin Moe

Mike Paletta

Steven Pro

Dr. Adelaide Rhodes

Dana Riddle

Zack Schwartz

Dr. Ron Shimek

Walt Smith and

Julian Sprung

In addition to their regular presentations, Eric and Anthony will put on coral fragging demos with the frags being given away. There will also be almost continuous fragging at the FRAGExchange.com booth with the frags also being given away.

If you have never attended an IMAC, you can see clips of many previous presentations in streaming video on the IMAC site for FREE to get an idea of what is in store for you.

We have expanded the Exhibit Hall for next year so it will hold about 70 booths. And, of course, we will have the Big IMAC Raffle. The Grand Prize has also been announced: a 9-day trip for two to Fiji provided by Walt Smith International. Other prizes will be announced soon including protein skimmers, MH lights, calcium reactors and at least 2 big complete tank set-ups.

We also have a Special going on now. If you register by November 30, you can bring a friend for FREE. Check the website www.theimac.org for details. With the low registration rate and low hotel room costs, IMAC is about the lowest cost weekend conference you can attend.

We hope to see you next April.


Dennis Gallagher, Program Chairman

International Marine Aquarium Conference