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Thread: packing fish

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    packing fish

    how would I pack the 2 clownfish to bring them to the store ?
    The store is an hour away from me. I don't know how long they live in a bag without oxygen pumped in.
    Thanks alot

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    get a bag from the store, and a styrofoam box if you have one, if u can get some air into the bag, they'll be ok for a few hours, i would double bag and wrap newpaper around it.

    a good beginner's technique to bag fish...

    1) place bag with bottom on a flat surface (fish and water alrdy in)
    2) stretch the bag by opening ur fingers inside the bag
    3) find the midpoint of the bag, not the creases.
    4) grab it, press them so that the creases touch
    5) fold the bag, about 1/2 inch at a time, until the bag is ballooned like its filled
    6) cross fold the fold, tie with rubber band

    once u get used to bagging fish.. u can forgo all of that and just grab, twist, and tie....

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    And if the bag doesn't stay inflated, you know that you have a leak somewhere :bawling:

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