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    My brand new squid is making a scretching (sp?) noise. I am runnning a AC80 powerhead (400gph) but i have the SQWD close to the pump. There is only about 1.5' of head before the SQWD T's my return pipe. I have read that to much flow can cause them to make noise.... anyone with any experience or comments.

    i may try and increase the lenght of the pipe before it reaches the SWQD to see if it increases the flow I can push. I lowered the output of the powerhead and the noise stopped so i'm assuming that there is too much pressure on the wavemaker.

    thanks for your help


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    The scratching noise is actually normal while the unit breaks in. Once the internal gears get "slimed up", it will be much more quiet.

    I pushed 1200gph through mine when I had it.
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    thanks.... its actually running silent this morning..

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