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    evaporation rate

    my 180 gallon tank has been running for a few months now....and now I have an automatic top off connected to it ...did a test on it the other day to see how much evaporation in a day ...and was surprised to see 3 gallons a day ...lucky for me I installed my auto top this a normal amount of evaporation

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    Sounds about right, my 170g is evapourating about 2g right now. My is house slightly humid this time of year because all the windows are closed but the furnace doesn't run very much. Later in the winter my house will dry out and the tank will evap between 3-4g per day. Also, its similiar in the summer with all the windows open and a breeze blowing through the house, except when its really humid outside since I don't have central air.

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    i guess im luckey then because in my 33 im not even losing half a gallon per 2 days
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    I'm loosing about 1 1/2 gallons per day on my 90. I don't mind cause I replace it with kalkwater to keep my calcium at 450.

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    I'm loosing about 2-3 g per day. tank is 150g but with everything else, about 200g in total.
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    I am losing about the same in my setup. I'll see you at the get together on the 20th.


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    I lose about a gallon-2 Gallons/day
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