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    Phase One Complete

    It took along time, but I finally have my 180 gallon dressed out. Here is the wall of cabinets

    Here is the 90 gallon fuge hidden in the cabinets above the tank. I drain about 300 gph down back into the display tank. It will hold lots of macro someday.

    Here is just the tank. It isn't really that blue, but this give you the idea. It has a long way to go.

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    Looking good there Bvoss. Refuge directly over the tank is a nice bonus.

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    Looks very good! Nice work.
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    Very nice! Looks very good!

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    awesome tank man, do u have to fuge siphoning into the display? or is it a pump that carries it?

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    Alexandria, VA moving to Montreal
    Thanks for the kind words. It is nice cleaning up after 6 months of slow motion construction.

    I am running one main pump for the whole system. It is a Pan World equivalent of a Iwaki 70. The vast majority of the flow goes through 1 1/2" spaflex to the reefrats. A few hundred gallons an hour trickles into the top fuge. This is a nice bonus because the fuge plumbing acts as a big reliable siphon break when the power goes out.

    The fuge is drilled with 2 - 1 1/2" bulkheads that drain down into the display tank through a single 1 1/2" durso. I am surprised, but there are no bubbles. I can't wait to get the fuge well established. Lots of bugs are sure to flow down.

    The next project is the 60 gallon fuge in the backroom that will hold my sand bed. I had that almost running a couple of months ago but then I leaned on a bulkhead and cracked it. Some day that will have sea grass, mangroves and maybe some Gonipora. That would be phase II.


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    I agree, gorgeous!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bvoss
    It took along time, but I finally have my 180 gallon dressed out.
    It sure is a big change from the setup you had when I visited your place about a year ago. Good work!

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    That's lookin awesome man. It's coming along great! Any chance on getting some close up shots of the residents?

    How are those frags doin that i brought ya?
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    WOW... That is a very nice looking setup... I like how you did your refuge!
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