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    Sand or Crushed Coral

    ok who uses what??
    and what is better?
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    personal preference there buddy, i use CC cause its cheaper, if u can find argonite sand, and like it, go for it, i wish i could find some...

    if its not argonite sand (ie, silica) then don't use it... u never know what bad can come of it.

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    I started my tank with the crushed coral but found it held way to much waste in it. Nitrates started to get out of control! Then I switched to bomix white play sand and a world of difference. The sand reflects the light better and stays much cleaner. It also gives you a better opportunity to get sand sifting creatures which you could not support with the crushed corol. Just my opinion though!

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    Also went CC and found too much waste was trapped.

    I love fine white sand
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    I'd definitely go with some sand. Live sand is the best. I use crushed coral, and it is a pain to keep clean and waste-free. Also, I can't buy any sand-sifting inverts because the crushed coral is too coarse. I've always wanted to put sand in my tank, but I would have to take everything out of my tank to get the crushed coral out.

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    I use argonite sand... Because I like the way it looked
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