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Thread: Pink Anthelia

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    Pink Anthelia

    Yesterday I bought a small anthelia frag because it looked so pretty at the store. I put it in the tank last night, and looked at it today and it hasn't opened up like it was at the store. It is all shrivled up and changed from pink to a grey color. What do I do? Should I wait it out?
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    Shriveled and grey....doesn't sound good.
    I'd wait another day and if it doesn't come back, back to the store.
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    check ur water parameters? maybe the store had it at a different salinity, new frags always takes a bit of time getting used to things, i'd wait it out...

    back to the store if its not happening though, if they let you!

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    you have to wait it out- it is probably just stressed from the change of environment. It could take a few days to acclimate.

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