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    lemon butterfly question

    im just looking for a bit of clarification here with regards to the lemon butterfly. On one page i read they are perfectly reef safe, then on another i read they will eat feather dusters, then on another i read they will eat any/all coral???
    so what is the score exactly with these beautiful fish??

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    In my oppion, the only butterflys even possible reef safe are the long nose and the copperband. both will probally get rid of feather dusters fast! and there not easy to keep [I've lost 2] and fair better in large tanks.
    the rest will eat all your zooanthids in a day!

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    Sorry Redbelly,
    Not reefsafe as Johnny said. There are only a handful of butterflies that you can risk putting in a reef aquarium. The others will just have an expensive meal.
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    general rule, the longer their snout, the safer to reefs.

    i would think just longnose and copperband and related species...

    sometimes you get the random odd ones thats been in captive for so long that they get used to being fed all the time so they don't touch corals, like some large angels...

    but you know, why take the chance

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