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    mushroom hardyness

    Just curious does anyone know if hairy mushrooms are hardier than regular mushrooms ? I have a rock with 3 hairy ones that seem to be doing awesome, but i also have one rock with a regular mushroom that seems to be shrivelled up pretty much all the time... they are in different locations in the tank, both partially shaded....

    Also, are mushrooms fragable or do i just have to be patient and let the split on their own or spread to other rocks ?

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    In my opinion, anything from the Discosomatidae family, which basicially includes all common mushrooms (hairy and smooth) you can get, except Ricordia Florida and Yuma, are all very, very hardy. I do find that the smooth ones are more hardy than the hairy ones, and both are very fragable.

    Get yourself a good sharp exacto knife, and cut the head from the stalk of one of your mushrooms. Put the head into a container of live rock pebbles in a low flow area of your tank, and it will attach in a couple of weeks or so. Once attached, you can glue the small pebble (I use Crazy Glue Gel) where ever you wish. The stalk from the original mushroom will also grow a new head. Give this method a try first, and once you have gained the confidence of a successful frag, try the method below:

    Aggressive Fraging:

    Do the same as above, but make a slit down the middle of the stalk you leave behind. Seperating the stalk will usually cause it to grow two new heads. Also, take the head that you cut from the stalk, and slice it up into quarters like a pizza (try and get some of the mouth part on each piece). Each of these will also eventually heal (takes longer though) and form a new mushroom. This method is obviously harder on the coral, but it does propogate it that much faster.

    Happy cutting.

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