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    Mushrooms and Glue

    Can somebody please walk me through, step by step, how to attach mushrooms to a large rock?


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    best bet is to put them in your sump or lowflow a container with small rock rubble or shells. tie some mesh over top the container and let them attach themselves, then you can attach the shells/rubble to the big rock.

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    lol i got so confused when i read the title... i was like "you can do that!?", but ya like rock said... try using the bottom 3/4 of an inch of an plastic container, fill it with coral rubble and put the frag in there, making sure all frags have a bit of the central disk... then cover it with mesh and rubber band it

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    Don't some people actually glue them on? I swore I read that on the
    WEEEEEEEB. hyeah:


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    I've never met a mushroom that liked direct contact with glue. Using the method Johnny described above, you end up gluing the little shell or the little rock to the bigger rock. The mushroom itself is not in contact with the glue.


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    I've glued them on before with no ill effects. Might have just gotten lucky!!
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    I've tried using that ZapGel to attach mushrooms but I find it dosen't hold to the mushroom that well. Letting the mushroom attatch itself is much better

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    If you use glue, the trick is to glue a small area and not the entire contact area. Where the glue touches will likely die and the mushroom will need to grow around that area and attach. If you glue too much, it will float away before it grows enough to attach.

    I've used a toothpick through the mushroom into a hole in the rockwork with about 75% success (the other 25% were likely getting too much current to attach).

    Elastic bands and fishing line work too, but, if either are too tight, you will end up with two smaller mushrooms that might float away.
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