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Thread: 75 Gal. Upgrade

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    75 Gal. Upgrade

    I am trying to upgrade to a 75 gal. from my current 30 gal. I am looking at an All-Glass 75 gal. with Megaflow predrilled overflows. I want to do this on a very limited budget to start as lighting will be my first exspense. I would like to use my 30 gal. as a sump and re-use my current HOT filter (Marineland 350 dual bio-wheel) and HOT protien skimmer (Red Sea Prizim). I have a detailed excel diagram but I can not attach it here for veiwing for some reason. You can email me directly to see the plans. My email address is - . I would appreciate any help or recommendations. Thanks
    90g Display, 30gal sump w/ refugium, MAS CR418 calcium reactor w/ Mag5 and Blueline CO2, Vertex IN-180 protein skimmer w/ Mag5, Mag9.5 return, 150 Phosban Reactor w/ MJ 1200, 1 Ebo 200w heater, 90lbs. LR, 80lbs. Carib-Sea aragonite, Cooltouch MH lights -2 x 400watt (20K & 14K) PFO hoods & Coralife 65w PC in custom hood with fan, Coralife 3-3/4watt mini moonlights, 8 jet Closed Loop System w/Reef-flo Dart, Aqua-Safe RO/DI, JBJ Auto Top Off unit w/Mag 5 return, 12g Nano cube, 10g quarentine.

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    how long is the 75? if its 48" i say 4xT5HO would be good, keep lighting cost under 200 dollars

    I dunno if the prizm is strong enough for a 75+sump, u might look into that?

    good luck with it!

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    The skimmer should be your second upgrade. The prizim is not bad on a 30-40g tank but it did do well on my 65 without a sump. To keep the costs down for the skimmer try acrylic city. I know harley had done good work at good prices, I can't comment on the new guy.

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