Hi All,

A new website has started up as place to have listings of all LFSs in North America. It will also be a place to post reviews of your favorite stores.

It was originally inteded as just an American site, but I asked for it, and now East and West Canada have just been added.

Here's the link - at the very least, aquariacanada.com should get a listing for the free advertising. I'm trying to get a section devoted to online retailers that will ship to Canada - it took me forever to find aquariacanada.com. I'm not familiar with most of the LFS in the area, so I can't really write reviews or post many listings as yet. It'd be great if those of you with experience with our stores can list and review them and prove to our southern neighbors that there IS civilization north of the border.


The thread of regarding the creation of the site can be found here.


Thanks everyone!