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    Frogspawn head died...

    One head of my Frogspawn died... ever since the "Move" in October it hasn't opened up as much as it did before.. and last night it was all grazed over with a red haze.. so I used the turkey baster and created some more movement directly on it.. and one head completely detached and was shrivelled up! There is still one full head(kinda split in two) and the other half of the one that died left.. checked all water params and they are excellent. Fish, inverts and other corals are doing fine.

    Any ideas on what may have caused this?

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    ohh that brown glaze doesn't sound good. it could be brown gelly infection in which case you DON'T want it to spread around the tank. If you see this happening on another head take it out and cut that head right off. some change has bothered it enough to make it sucumb to the infection. also, are any other corals near??

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    check closely for flat worms too!
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    If all the water parameters are in check then its probably unstable conditions that caused this. Most likely a result of re setting up the tank after the move i've seen it happen before to tanks i look after
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