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Thread: duuhhhh lol

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    duuhhhh lol

    I'm so dense I need to learn to read =p
    I was doing an ammonia test tonight and realized that when I did the test before and told you all it was at 0.5 ppm, yeh I was wrong lol it's 0 !! yay
    Also nitrate is less than 40ppm - test doesn't go any lower,
    and nitrite is less than 0.5ppm - test doesn't go any lower. yay =p

    I just can't seem to get the ph and hardness right.... I need to get a better test for those..the one I have now is hard to read.
    44 gallon glass tank
    dual 65pc, dual 65 acitinic pc
    phosban reactor
    55llbs rock
    4 ocellaris - caught 2 - they're in refugium
    1 coral beauty
    1 green chromis

    10 nassarius snails, 10 gold ring cowries, 10 cearith snails,
    2 zoos, 1 gsp, 1 toadstool, 1 pink hammer,
    COMING SOON - 92 gallon reef

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    get a digital one, they do all but speak to you... oh and u have to dip it in water :hysterica

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    Pinpoint makes a nice pH monitor.....much better than the test kits.
    A little pricy, but it monitors your pH 24hr/day.
    Ottawa (Orleans), Ontario
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