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    My first hole!!!!

    Well I just received my 2 1/2 diamond core drill bit.
    Thought I would practice on my 10 gal.
    5 min later a 2 1/2 hole.
    Hope i have as much success with the rest of my hole drilling.

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    where did you purchase it ? i'll be doing that too very soon. so far the best price i found was at M&T glass i believe..~80-90$ each. how much did you pay for yours ( if you don't mind me asking )

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    59.69US shipped to my door.
    was shipped on Nov 29 received this morning drilled this afternoon.

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    Hey, I sent you a message lastnight about the MH you had for sale, do you still have it or is it gone?

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    Also check out this fellow.
    As it sounds he is in HongKong, but, lots of DIY guys on RC have bought from him and claim his product is good and delivery is around 10 days to the US.

    I'll probably order a handful of stuff from him soon. I can report back on quality and deliver and such.
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    good luck on your drilling
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