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Thread: reef additives

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    reef additives

    hey guys,
    I am just curious. i am new to reefing and for keeping most of the corals i eventually want to have it says that they need additives of various things. now is there something like an all in one additive that you can add that would take care of everything and be easier to keep track of or should you add everything seperately. I am a newbie at this so i would like to keep things as simple as possible. also i am planning on keeping mostly soft corals with a few LPS like an open brain and a plate coral. what sort of additions would they require. I am using oceanic natura sea salt mix. dunno if that would affect what i might need to add but thought i would mention it.

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    Kent Essential Eliments (comes in a purple bottly) good for natural reef growth, some corals need more, but it would be a general suppliment.
    Calcium is also important, as well as stront, and molly, (which usually come in together) Iodine is another.

    depends on what you have.
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    Well right now i don't have anything just ten lbs of live rock and an emerad crab. but i am hoping to add some mushroom corals (possibly some rics once my tank has aged a wee bit.) maybe some leathers and zoos. and a few select LPS. open brains definetly gonna be a must and i would like a plate coral and bubble coral as well.ohhh and i can't forget i want a candycane toooo. so then woud i be able to get away with just adding the essential elements stuff or woud i need to add calcium and iodine and the other stuff separately. like isn't there something that has the calcium strontium iodine and whatever else all in one?

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    I am not fond of additives in general.

    Keeping calcium, alk and Ph levels high and stable is very very important however, and for a beginner with a small tank, I would suggest you use a two part additive like B-Ionic to keep those levels fine.

    Water changes will take care of the rest.

    There is a saying among reefers that you never add what you cannot test.

    I also suggest you use Salifert test kits to get good readings. Most other tests are inaccurate and I would not trust them.

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    I agree with Peluche, in the beginning I fell into the same trap and ended up polluting my tank. I was always battling algae of various forms as well.

    The only supplement I add is Kalk which I drip continuously 24/7, that's it.

    I do 25% water changes every two weeks to replenish anything lost due to skimming, carbon filtration, and natural absorption.

    I do however test for Mag, Cal, and Alk.

    My tank houses both sps and lps.


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    S does that mean i would mostly just have to add stuff to make sure theres enough calcium in there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by insaney2001
    S does that mean i would mostly just have to add stuff to make sure theres enough calcium in there?
    concentrate primarily on Calcium, Alkalinity, and Magnesium.
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