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    Question Siphoning your substrate?

    Just wondering if many of you siphon your substrate? I know it can deplete the beneficial bacteria... however it is a way to keep it looking fresh and clean. I have done it before and have caused blooms of red slime. Thinking about doing it again to clean up the substrate and doing a 20% water change. I do need to add another power head for circulation across the substrate; I believe thatís whatís causing my occasional blooms for red slime.

    So....many of you siphon your substrate? What are you views on the subject?

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    The blooms are caused by the release of nitrates from the sand. I do not recommend cleaning the sand this way.

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    Yep, definitely don't recommend syphoning the sandbed.
    If you want to keep it 'nice and clean', get a pistol shrimp/goby pair, or even a strawberry conch. They'll keep it clean for ya.
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    I syphon it in my preditor tank. no algae problem probably due to the Huge thing of macro floating around.

    I generally do not do it in my reef although when i've missed a cleaning i will sometimes goto the corners under the powerheads and 'dig deep' pulling out some really dark colours of waste.
    I don't find I have any problems with algae afterwards.
    in that tank i have course crush coral.
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    If you feel that you MUST siphon clean your sand bed you have only 2 options. 1) do it every week without fail so your not stirring up a bunch of crap because the sand will for the most part be clean all the time. 2) clean only small areas at a time and do it as part of your weekly or by weekly water changes and discard the siphoned water.
    That being said ... I would not siphon the sand bed or keep it too clean. Doing so defeats the purpose of having it there in the first place. Over time the sand bed will fill with all kinds of critters and bacteria that is very beneficial to the set up.

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