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Thread: First Fish Loss

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    First Fish Loss

    I think my beloved flame angel is on his way out. It is heartbreaking. This will be my first fish loss. The tank has been set up for over a year with no major problems. When ever I would go to the tank my flame would come out of hidding and swim around in the open as if to say 'Hello, feed me.' On Sunday he did not come out of the rock work. I looked around and he was jammed between a rock and the glass near the back of the tank. I got him out and he looked very bad. Alot of his color was gone, changed to white. He was breathing very hard, and I'm not sure how long he was stuck. I watched him the rest of the day and into the evening. He ate his evening meal and I thought he might pull through. This morning I went to check the tank to give him a snack. He didn't come out of the rocks. I couldn't find him anywhere. He is at the back of the tank in a place where I can't get to him. He is on his back and breathing very hard. His color is faded and white. I don't think he is going to make it.


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    have you tried to determine what is wrong with him? i've never heard of an angel loosing colour like that. i'd put an airstone in the tank to ensure that there's enough O2. if he's breathing hard it may help. is it a disease or a parasite? maybe post on RC and see if anyone can give you some ideas.

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    Sorry for being naive, but are there any other fish in there and are they o.k.? Have you done the usual water tests? When in doubt, a water change keeps the doctor away!!

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    The water tests are fine. Ph at the end of the day was 8.1 so maybe a little low. I don't think the problem is bacterial or any type of sickness. He just got jammed between the glass and a rock. He seemed to be stuck around his head. I don't think it was for too long, but he must not have been able to breath very well. I have two clowns and they are doing great.

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    So sorry to hear about this Andrew, it must be painful to watch. Hopefully he'll pull through. I've never heard of a fish changing color that drastically before either.

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    Why do our fish do these things? I have a chromis with a gouge out of his side. I don't know whether it was a battle wound or he ran into a rock. My coral beauty is forever scraping her forhead on the rocks. Generally though, these wounds heal very quickly. Andrew, if possible it might be wise to try and move the rock a bit further from the glass. Obviously some of our fish are poor judges of distance!
    The pale colour is not a good sign though. Of course, neither is lying on your back! Good luck. Poor little thing. It is hard for sure. At least he had a great home for a year, and that is better than lots of flame angels get!
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    could it be that the rock moved a bit and crushed him there while he was sleeping at night?
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    I saw your photos and he looks like a wonderful fish, I'm sorry that he's not in a good condition.
    It's hard when you think you're about to lose a friend.
    Are there any cuts or wounds that you can see? If possible, and if it wont cause to much stress, try moving him to QT with Melafix, I've found that it is very expedient in healing wounds. Though I think it may be a little stressful, theres the added insurance of not spreading anything to other fish, just in case.
    My only other suggestion is a R&R.
    Is he eating?
    As MomRules said very well, "At least he had a great home for a year, and that is better than lots of flame angels get!" and a longer lifespan than alot too.
    I hope he gets better. I'm often amazed at what these guys live through.
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