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Thread: Leather Coral

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    Leather Coral

    i purchased a leather from BA the $35.00 special and it was open and looking good for 2 it doesn't seem like its doing so looks like large white spots have appeared and the tenticals are not sticking out...any sugestions?
    (i'm doing a water change now) my folding brain,mushrooms and candycane all seem to be doing well
    125ga all glass,35gal sump,3-14k 175w MH,3-40w actinics,90lbs LR,3 inch sand+cruchd coral bed,Fat Boy Saline Solutions skimmer,Mag 9.5,2- Maxi-Jet 900 Power Heads,

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    Leathers close up for long periods of time sometimes. Mine was closed up for about 1-2 weeks earlier this year because of my new lighting. I know the tanks at BA's don't have too much light on them. It's probly just adjusting. I'd say do a water change like you thought and test your params but there's a good chance there's nothing wrong.

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    maybe its just getting used to the conditions and shedding off a layer of slime, i've seen them do that when moved into new environments

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    its just getting used to its new environement. mine did the same thing when i first got it. give it a couple of days.

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