Just got a Fluval 404 for Christmas. My parents thought I wanted a canister filter, but really, I wanted a RO/DI unit as I hate bringing home buckets of purified water from where I work. A lesson learned here: describe things in detail when talking to your wife as they tell our parents what we want for the holidays... "Honey, I want a filter unit to clean up the tap water." Doesnt help my clueless parents...

Anyways, I was told to keep the Fluval unit. Now, I have been doing some research and would like to use this unit anyways for occasional carbon and phosphate treatments. I plan on running it with the foam filters in there, washing it every 1 month or so. Would you recommend adding both activated carbon and phosphate removal media concurrently to the Fluval canisters for 3-5 days at a time? If no, can you please elaborate. If so, what brands do you think would work well together?