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    Quarantine tank size

    What is the minimum size tank I could setup to quarantine a yellow tang? What size have others used?


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    I'd say 10G tank would be efficiant for almost anything. How big is the tang?

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    I used a 10g to qt my yellow tang. He was quite small though.

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    Im using a 12g Eclipse tank for a QT.

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    I haven't got the tang yet so not sure of his size. I will ask for a smaller one when ordering if they have any. Thanks for the advice.

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    I would not use anything under 25g, unless the fish is really small.

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    Please put some macro algae or fake plants in the tank with him, he looks so vulnerable and scared with no cover to hide under. I'm going to use my old 30g as qt, but won't be qt'ing anything except corals maybe. Tank is full.
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    my yellow tang is curently in qt in a 20 gallon long and seems pretty good. I Think a 10 gallon is not big enough, the 20 long is twice the length. I bought it a big als for like 28 bucks and bought a AC50. I put it right next to my 75 so the MH from the tank is lighting the qt... also I put a piece of pvc so he can hide... hope it helps

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