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    live rock question

    I don't have a sump but i have more than enough live rock. I was wondering if I put some live rock in a separate tank, with only cycled water, and provided a pump in that tank for movement, would that be enough to keep the rock live, till i get a sump made, probably 1 to 2 months? Would I need to add light, if its just to keep the rock live? ??? Thanks.

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    Re: live rock question

     I would say you do need the light. You don't need fantastic VHO/PC/Halides but you should at least put some 40 watt flourescents over the tank. To initiate the nitrate cycle I believe you need 10-12 hours of light per day. By definition "live rock" is rock exposed to light otherwise it is just dead shelf rock. Make sure you have a good skimmer on this setup also and some water circulation.
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    Re: live rock question

    I agree with perc.  You could even put a desk lamp over the tank....some sort of light will help.  Not absolutely necessary but will help.  Either way, in 1-2 months your rock will not suffer.  It'll spring back to life in short time when you place it back in your tank. 8)
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