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    Devil's Hand - Shiny

    my Devil's Hand seems to be covering itself with a shiny mucous coating (looks like plastic wrap).
    Any clue why he might be doing this?
    i read somewhere once that there is a certain coral parasite that causes corals to do this, could this be my problem? and if so, how do i get rid of it.
    pH 8.3
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    Cal 400
    dKH 8.6
    everything else is good too.
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    It's called "waxing." Leathers can do this every now and then. It's natural and will disappear within a week or two. It's a nerve racking time when it happens because your leather will now shrink a bit and not look healthy. It may even change colour for a wek or so. Hang in there and just keep you r water perameters in check. I freaked teh first time my toadstools did this.

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    phew, thanx mouse. you deffinitely saved me a lot of worrying. i guess they do this to shed their skin as a self-cleaner and be able to grow larger.
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    You can help expedite the process by improving circulation around the coral shedding the mucus tunic. I have a large Lobophytum in my own tank (roughly a foot across) which does this once a month or so. Takes a few days to recover to the way it was.

    Here's a photo:
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    Nice coral MalHavoc!!!

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