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    Want to build my own tank.

    Hey all,
    Just thinking of doing something totally different.

    I will be getting a new tank within the year.....after I'm graduated from my HVAC course....then off to apprenticeship for Refrigeration.......sorry about the blurr.

    Anyways I'm thinking of constructing my own tank out of Plywood and fibreglass.

    I want to go least 8 feet long......30 tall and about 30 deep.

    The reason I like this idea is the possibilities are restrictions on the number of closed loop holes......the inside will be constructed of fibreglass......this allows me to build multi levels, arches, ledges etc.

    Any how just wanted to get back some feedback ....any suggestions, ideas, comments.

    Cheers all:biggrinbo

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    There is a good calculater on tank/plywood construction on the GARF.ORG site. Seems fairly strait forward but a ton of work. Awsome project though.The possibility's are endless. Theres a few ongoing threads and pics on RC in the DIY section. I'm possibly building my own but all glass[mucho$$$$$$$]. but mine will be viewed on 3 sides. Do you have a table saw?

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