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    Angry First Freaking Flood!!!!!

    Well, its my own stupid fault!! My starfish loves going into the overflow box to eat[I have a shallow overflow] and there is usually no problems. exept! I opened up my strainer a tad by removing some of the teeth not think that good old starfish might try to sqeeze down there[they will] but he did! At some time in the wee hours this AM. I woke up and went to the tank to feed and SPLOOSHH. freaking water every were,sump had about 10g missing. I searched high and low for an hour and could not find the frigging leak! I was panicking. were did the water come from? there was no poweroutage and even if there was it wouldn't matter as I've tested that a million times. I'm looking in the sump and low and behold there is the starfish! The must have plugged the strainer long enough to flood the floor andthen got sucked down the drain. moral of the story, I HATE SINGLE DRILLED TANKS!! P.S I also eggcrated the shit out of my overflow at 7am.

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    WE all seem to learn things the hard way huh?

    Johnny, you made me laugh though...
    I am Homer of BORG... Prepare to be..OOOO!! DONUT!!!!!!

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    this is always my nightmare and a big reason of why i dont have a sump. my biggest fear is coming home one day and finding 72 gallons of salt water all over my house with fish flapping on my sofa.
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    One of the reasons my 220 has (2) overflows at 2" diameter each ... you can never have enough flow, but you also need never plus never enough drainage .... :

    It's not junk, it's un-assembled DIY!

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    ahhh man!!! that must really suck John... thats a ton of water... good thing your in the bsaement!!!


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    Damn starfish....

    I never ocnsidered this happening but I have 2 flows so I should be OK....I'd be losing the starfish now and getting a good strainer system. Sorry about your and learn.

    The only thing two reef keepers will agree on, is what the third reef keeper is doing wrong!

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    john sorry about that, i just love your story
    if there is some thing i can built to help prevent this in the future just let me know

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    Just how tiny IS that starfish??!! ...and... What exactly do you have protecting your overflow? You call it a strainer but what exactly are you using and how is it installed??!!! I have always had starfish and non ever went into the overflow. Also, you had the little yellow citron goby do the same. This leads me to wonder how you have it setup??

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    I had a Seahare who use to wonder off into my overflow looking for more food, Found that there was alot more alage growth in there and he use to love to get the good stuff.. but at the time my overflows where an inch in size and i had Bio Balls glued into them to prevent things from going into there!

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    Wink alls good

    Well, after removing the carpet[it had to go anyways] and eggcrating everything seems okay.
    TOUTOUCHE. my overflow has fairly large openings between the teeth so the STARFISH can wander in effortlessly. This guy is smart! I've put him on the opposite side of my 90g and watched him cruise strait for the overflow. I did this 3x in a row! He knows exactly were he's going[who says they have no sence of direction!]. On the bulkhead I just have a standard screw in strainer bought from JL's I removed some of the strainer teeth to allow more flow as it would clog up easily with slime and crap but that was my mistake.The starfish is of a good size but he managed to go thru a dime sized hole. Since then, I've removed the strainer completely and put up an double eggcrate barrier. Looks like KINGSTON PEN![not that I know what the Pen, looks like]

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