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  1. ICH treatement methods
  2. What to do with expired food?
  3. Vacuuming a sand bed or not That is my question
  4. Should Aquaria Canada have a Freshwater forum?
  5. Looking for Product Feed Back
  6. do you flush?
  7. saltwater stuff getting crazy expencive or is it just me
  8. With what do you peg your rocks
  9. Favourite Snails for the CUC
  10. POTM May 2008 Fav Coral
  11. POTM-Feb 2008 Best Couple
  12. POTM - Dec 2007 Merry Reef
  13. POTM - Oct 2007 Rymes with Orange
  14. POTM - Sept 2007 Sumpthings Fishy
  15. how often do you pass the magnet on the glass ?
  16. POTM - Vote or forever hold your peace
  17. How long before joney1 gets banned
  18. Favourite Fish
  19. Power compact vs Mh lighting
  20. How many drilled holes in your main tank
  21. Is it time for a new poll?
  22. Big problem, fish are acting weird!!!!!
  23. 90g to 125g, the move
  24. Do not use on aquariums???
  25. 1st fish (clown) 1st tank - need a name!!
  26. 1-10 How steamed does it make you when people ask if you eat your fish
  27. Poll on How Many Aquarium Forums do you visit?
  28. How many reef discussion forums do you visit at least once a month?
  29. Poll on responding to threads and why
  30. How many have gone down this road? (sumps)
  31. Do You Quarantine?
  32. chat time
  33. salt Poll
  34. time spent on your tank
  35. Proposed MASO 12 Meeting Dates (again)
  36. What do your wife think when you spend big $$$ in our tank
  37. Faces behind the names
  38. Are you direclty feeding your coarls?
  39. Water Temp
  40. Do you quarantine? Why or why not?
  41. How Many Times You Change The AquaScape ?
  42. Which Kelvin rating do you prefer
  43. What Bulbs do you use
  44. Who uses monitors and controllers
  45. Who's taking care of your tank while your gone?
  46. Which photoperiod used on refuge ??
  47. PH level and concern
  48. Drip Rate Poll
  49. What size of tank do you have?
  50. UV sterilizers
  51. Newfoundland Reefing Club Logo Poll
  52. Toutouche's avatar
  53. What Salt are you using?
  54. Arm In Tank Syndrome
  55. Online Chat Schedule
  56. How long in the hobby???
  57. Poll: Setting up a new tank? What about substrate/filtration?
  58. Do you use Comerial or Non Comerical Sands!
  59. What's the most popular lighting ???
  60. What is in your QT tank?
  61. How mcuh GPH in your tank???
  62. How much Live Rock?
  63. How often you check water....POLL
  64. Poll: Your SG Levels?
  65. Water Changes Poll (How Much?)
  66. Water Changes Poll (How Often?)
  67. Frozen Mysis Shrimp
  68. What has your Clown chosen as a host ?
  69. Aquascaping
  70. What type of corals do you keep?
  71. Favorite First Tankmate
  72. How do you support your rock structure?
  73. Temperature Poll
  74. How Many Gallons
  75. New Site Features