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    10Gal water quality

    I have been keeping track of my water quality for about a month now just because I noticed something fishy going on in my tank. Some of my corals except for my zoos and mushrooms seemed to be doing o.k. My candy cane would look like it was being disturbed at night (shriveled up), and my yellow polyps and xenia would look horrable.

    I only do 10% change a week with daily top off.
    Alk 11>9.5>11. It should be settled at around 10-10.5 (hard to tell exact #)
    Cal 440
    pH 8.1 steady all tests
    Nitrate I think I was at 5, 2 days later 7.5, after that 0 for the rest of the tess onwards.

    I have a huge refugium, ac 500 w/ LR.

    Beginning of feb, my yellow goby went missing, havent found him since. My tank started to look cloudy but had my water tested for everything and they were in spec. I decided to go with AP carbon in the blue milk carton. I washed it well and placed it in a baggy in my fuge. After that, my polyps started to pull in and my candy cane started to slime 24/7, xenia looked horrable, but I thaught it was for the best so I left it in.

    Only 2 weeks ago I started using RO water for top off and slowly replacing my salt water with ro. It will be another month or so before its 100% ro water going in (i already have premixed tap water & salt, cant waste it). Now I have noticed that my tank has gotten cleaner, but now I am experiencing a lot of bright green algae on the front of my glass. I scrub it twice a day. Sometimes right after scrubbing I would look through the side pane and I could see the difference from where I scrubbed ad where it is clean, after an hour or so I would look back and I would notice it has come back (slightly)

    Lighting is 8am=actinic till 8pm, 10pm=10k till 6pm.

    I don't use any additives to treat the water. I may start using reef builder, calcium additive or what not, but my perams seem in order and I dont want to overdose on what seems perfect. Advice?
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    Have you found your fish? If you haven't seen him in 3 weeks in a 10 gal, chances are he's dead. a dead fish in such a small aquarium could be the cause of your problems. I think you need to find him.

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    no I haven't found that dumb lil fish :@! oh yea! I tore down my tank and aquascaped. 50% water was left in the tank while doing this while the corals and rock were in anotehr tank with 50% water and heater. I searched for the lil goby, but no luck! I also did a 25% or so water change (as I siphoned a bit of the gravel since I had the chance). my GSP, Zoo, blue mushrooms are doing great. My ricordia, devil hand, xenia are "iffy" but they'll survive. My yellow polyps are coming back, I just had them in a bad spot. my 7 BLH, or linckia or other critters must have taken care of the fish.
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