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    How shoul I prepare water for water changes

    How should I prepare water for my water changes?? All that I do right now is syphon water from my tank, dump it out, fill a bucket with water add salt and dechlorinator and put it back into the tank.

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    Smile Water change

    You might want to go slower. I usually fill 5 gallon buckets with water, you should consider reverse osmosis water at your supermarket. I add the salt and a heater. It may take over an hour for the salt to absorb to get your salinity to 1.021 or whtever you prefer as well as the temperature of the water. Shocking the tank with a sudden saliniy or tempeature change isn't good.

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    I mix my water for at least 24h before dumping it in the tank. Oh and I use RO/DI as well so I don't need the dechloronator. I dont use a heater because I don't have any spare one but I would use it if I had one. Just trow a powerhead in there for 24h to let the water absorb the salt well.

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    I make mine in a bucket with 1 powerhead and a heater in it. I usually let mine mix 4 days before adding it.

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    Common theme here....let the newly mixed salt water 'mix' for at least 24 hrs.
    I have a 23g container that I keep salt water mixed in all the time. So when it comes time for a water change, salt water is always ready.

    And as in previous posts, highly recommend the use of RO/DI water.
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    Ok, I will start preparing my water befor hand now.

    (don't worry, I have been making sure the water was at the right temperature before I put it in the tank)

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